Dr Kelvin Koh Wee Boon

Dr Kelvin Koh Wee Boon

Senior Consultant & Director
Post-Acute and Continuing Care
Jurong Community Hospital



Pushing The Boundaries Of Family Medicine
Date: 22 September 2017, Friday
Time: 2.30pm – 5pm
Synopsis: Family medicine aims to reintegrate and personalize healthcare for patients, who are increasingly frustrated with the fragmented and complex healthcare system. There is a shift towards person-centered care rather than the traditional physician-centered model.

More family physicians have walked on a path that differs from the traditional path of managing patients in the outpatient clinic.  The common theme from these speakers is this: when faced with a pressing need in the healthcare system, these family physicians rose to the challenge and plough through the barriers to reach the success they have today.

These family physicians have found that the foundation in family medicine and ethos have put them in good stead to excel and contribute in the current areas of work.

First speaker is Dr Adrian Tan. Dr Tan is a consultant in Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH), and is the deputy director of the Home Ventilation and Respiratory Support Service (HVRSS), which is one of the home care programmes run by TTSH taking care of adult patients requiring mechanical ventilation support at home. He will share on the work he is doing in HVRSS, and how being a family physician has helped him provide care at this niche setting.

Second is Dr Kelvin Koh from Jurong Community Hospital (JCH), who will focus on dementia care in the intermediate and long term care setting. He helped set up the dementia care ward in JCH and developed the multidisciplinary team comprising of doctors, nurses, therapists and medical social workers to provide holistic, person-centred subacute dementia care.

Third is Dr Raymond Ng Han Lip who is a palliative care physician working in Tan Tock Seng Hospital, with the background training in family medicine. He will share about his journey to becoming a palliative care physician, and the roles of family physicians in palliative care.

Fourth is A/Prof Lee Kheng Hock who is senior consultant, Department of Family Medicine Continuing Care (FMCC) in Singapore General Hospital (SGH). He is the founding Head of FMCC.  The team of 30 doctors provide inpatient, outpatient and transitional care as part of Division of Medicine SGH.  The team also runs Bright Vision Hospital which is 315 bed community hospital.  They provide medical care to patients in the various services including subacute care, rehab care, chronic sick care and palliative care.  A/Prof Lee is concurrently the Medical Director of Bright Vision Hospital.  A/Prof Lee will share the pioneering work of his team of doctors in their decade long journey from 2006 to the present, demonstrating how the team push the boundaries in response to the emerging needs of the patients and the healthcare system


Dr Kelvin Koh currently practises as a Senior Consultant Family Physician in Jurong Community Hospital and is also the Director of Service, Post-Acute & Continuing Care in JurongHealth Campus.

Apart from his clinical and administrative duties, Dr Koh holds several teaching appointments and is involved in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in Family Medicine and Geriatric Medicine. Dr Koh also serves as a continuing medical education advisor for family medicine. In 2015, he was presented with the Distinguished Educator’s Award from the College of Family Physicians Singapore in 2015 for his contribution to family medicine teaching.

Dr Koh’s experience in the Intermediate-Long-term Care sector started in 2005 and he has developed a keen interest in dementia care whilst serving in this sector. He is currently an advisor to the dementia care team in Jurong Community Hospital and a member of JurongHealth Campus’ Dementia Programme project team.