Dr Lau Ying (Cherry)

Dr Lau Ying (Cherry)

Assistant Professor
Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies
National University of Singapore



Introduction To Meta-Analysis
Date: 22 September 2017, Friday
Time: 2.30pm – 5pm
Synopsis: Meta-analysis is an important components of systematic review and is often referred to the statistical methods of combining evidence. With appropriate data from individual studies, a pooled estimate can be derived using different models in meta-analysis.

This workshop provides a brief introduction to meta-analysis, aimed at researchers who want to understand how to conduct and interpret meta-analysis. It will first discuss forest plot and how to interpret the results in forest plot. Then, several commonly used effect measures for binary and continuous outcomes (including risk ratio, risk difference, odds ratio, mean difference and standardized mean difference) will be introduced. The issues of heterogeneity among studies will be discussed. Fixed-effect and random-effects models will be explored and the use of Review Manager to conduct meta-analysis will be demonstrated.


1. Forest plot and its interpretation
2. Effect measure for binary and continuous outcomes
3. Heterogeneity among studies
4. Fixed-effect and random-effects model
5. Using Review Manager to conduct meta-analysis


Dr Lau Ying holds bachelor, master and doctoral degree from University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. She has clinical experience over 15 years in different hospitals. She is an Assistant Professor in Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies, Yong Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore. She is a programme director for BSc (Nursing) (Honours) since AY2015/2016, a chairperson for Mentorship Programme for AY2014/2015 and a chairperson of House System of Alice Centre for Nursing Studies since AY2015/2016. Her major research interest is meta-analysis, women’s health, breast-feeding promotion, psychological well-being among perinatal women and instrument development.

She is a module lead for evidence-based health care in both master and bachelor programme. She conducted several systematic review and meta-analyses recently. She conducted several large-scale primary studies in Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China. She has published more than 80 international peer review journals, professional journals, books and book chapters.