Associate Professor Lee Ping Yein

Associate Professor Lee Ping Yein

Associate Professor
Department of Family Medicine
Universiti Putra Malaysia



Research Championship
Date: 21 September 2017, Thursday
Time: 9am – 4.30pm
Synopsis: The 6th Asia Pacific Primary Care Research Conference (APPCRC) focuses on the training of family physicians (FP) to conduct primary care research in the region. In Singapore, research and education are the two key pillars supporting the advancement of Family Medicine (FM) in the SingHealth-Duke NUS Academic Clinical Programme (ACP). Training in FM research spans across undergraduate education to the advanced fellowship training program.

Medical students are trained to carry out community health research projects. The FM Residency program has incorporated research as part of their curriculum in which the residents also embark on community health research projects in groups. Beyond their Master of Medicine in FM qualification, FP can embark on fellowship training program organised by the College of Family Physicians Singapore (CFPS) to carry out individual research project, whilst others in the Master in Medical Education program also have to carry out clinical or medical education research. There is now opportunity for FP with special interest in research to take on advanced research training under the Master in Clinical Investigation (MCI) and PhD. Thus the new generation of FP will be equipped with skills to conduct clinical, health service and education research. This is critical in the context of an aging population with increasing complex medical conditions, the ability of the FP to evaluate the effectiveness of their medical treatment, service delivery and training will be an invaluable skill and asset to the primary healthcare community.


Dr Lee obtained her basic medical degree in 1995 and subsequently her Master in Family Medicine in 2002 from University of Malaya. She has completed 15 research projects and eight ongoing projects. Her cumulative research grants amount to about RM1million. She has published extensively which included three books, five chapters in books, 47 peer-reviewed papers and 72 proceedings and conference abstracts. At present, she has received 190 citations with an H-index of 7. Her selected publications are as follow:

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